Executive coaching is becoming an essential investment in the sustained success of high-performance firms and high-potential individuals.

Our business experience positions us to act as the trusted advisor and sounding board of both established and future leaders.

How executive coaching works

One-on-one coaching is a highly customized approach to leadership development. It’s more effective and practical than one-size-fits-all training because it focuses on real work situations, in real time.

We begin the relationship by discussing the individual’s personal strengths, opportunities for improvement and desired outcomes. We then work with the client to set measurable objectives and strategies for moving forward.

From there, executive coaching is an ongoing process of discovery, practice, assessment and feedback. In one-on-one sessions, we discuss real life situations, challenges, opportunities and concerns, and how they could be handled more effectively. The client puts this customized advice into action, as we provide immediate feedback and support.

Executive coaching is often initiated during a period of transition, such as a move to a new position or organization. In many cases, the relationship continues for an executive’s entire career.


Corporate-sponsored coaching

Many most successful companies sustain their competitive edge by sponsoring executive coaching for established leaders and rising stars. This investment benefits the corporation in two ways: It helps top talent achieve their full potential, and it assures key employees that the firm is committed to their success.

When executive coaching is sponsored by the employer, we work closely with corporate leaders to identify the development objectives of key employees, based on corporate directions, succession plans and their existing skills inventory. We then provide one-on-one support and feedback to these individuals as they navigate the personal and professional challenges of progressing within the organization.

While internal mentors are invaluable, an external coach can be more effective in dealing with the most difficult challenges faced by high-potential employees. We are able to:

  • Provide unbiased, objective advice
  • Assure the individual of absolute confidentiality and privacy when discussing corporate culture, situations and people
  • Provide knowledge, experience and perspectives not available within the organization
  • Offer greater flexibility in the timing of service delivery