Adding an executive is one of the most critical tasks your organization will face. Too often, firms rush to hire without having a clear idea of the skills and strengths they really need.

Our experience can help you ensure a good fit and seamless transition.

A clear view of your unique requirements

Before recruiting begins, we’ll help you clearly define what you’re looking for. We’ll look beyond the org chart to build a realistic picture of what it takes to be effective within your firm’s culture.

For a key hire, the process begins with an organizational review. We’ll interview a select group of your managers and associates to get a clear picture of how your firm operates. We’ll also have an in-depth discussion with your key decision makers to clarify the hiring criteria, including the personal, social and management characteristics of the ideal candidate.


Extensive network for candidate search

We search out candidates for your consideration using a broad, up-to-date network of contacts in Winnipeg and across Canada. The search may happen strictly through strictly word of mouth or may be more publicly advertised.

As we establish the short-list, we’ll look beyond the “paper” qualifications of the position. We’ll identify the individuals who are most likely to make a positive contribution to your firm and a successful transition to your corporate culture.


Support for quick, effective decisions

Our services will be geared to your organization’s unique requirements and timetable.

During the interview process, we’ll prepare question guides, brief the interviewers and provide tips for making the most of the time spent with each candidate. We’ll advise you on the most equitable ways of comparing everyone on the short list.

Finally, we’ll conduct thorough reference checks on your behalf. If necessary, we will test candidates’ skills to ensure they are able to perform at the required level.

Fee Structure

Our goal is to provide you with the best candidate in the shortest possible time.

Executive search fees are based on the work required to complete the assignment. Your firm pays only for the actual hours of professional time applied to the search, plus direct expenses and GST. The maximum fee chargeable is 15% of the candidate’s first year compensation.