Workplace Investigations

Respectful Workplace Complaints and Investigations

  • Have you received a formal complaint under your Respectful Workplace Policy?
  • Have you received a formal complaint under your Respectful Workplace Policy?
  • Is there a harassment complaint that requires a formal investigation?
  • Do you need a neutral third party to conduct an investigation to ensure the sensitive matter remains confidential and internal perceptions are that it was resolved by an expert?

I am a Manitoba-based workplace investigation specialist. When conflicts arise in the workplace—whether allegations of harassment, complaints of team dysfunction or disruptive behaviours—I can assist you to effectively address the matter and help the parties to move towards positive change.

Workplace Investigations that I have conducted include:

  • Allegations of bullying or psychological harassment
  • Allegations of a hostile or toxic workplace
  • Allegations of inappropriate behavior, and
  • Allegations of discrimination

As a neutral and independent third party, I ensure the process is fair. I carry out work with sensitivity and want all parties involved to feel that they have been heard separating facts from feelings and identifying underlying issues honestly while maintaining confidentiality.

I have over 25 years of experience and focus on workplace conflict and investigations. I have conducted workplace investigations for a variety of private, public, and not-for-profit organizations.

Drawing on my experience and expertise, my workplace investigations identify underlying issues and my recommendations address these problems respectfully and effectively. I am committed to help my clients build workplaces that are harmonious and productive environments for all.